Tech Support

Accelerating time to value for our clients’ customers through tech support

The pandemic has accelerated tech growth to unprecedently new levels. Our flagship brand, Tek Experts, provides support to large enterprise technology companies helping them serve their end customers. We are the “engineer’s-engineer”, and the support behind tech leaders like Microsoft. We are re-defining the role of tech support making it a core strategic function to drive client growth.

Digital Skilling & Education

Global demand for skilling and reskilling

As the knowledge-driven economy changes faster than ever, so is the need to change the way we skill and upskill the workforce. PWC found that nearly half of all CEOs see retraining and upskilling as critical to address skill gaps. Traditional degrees are giving way to more focused and agile types of training. Today, elev8 meets the upskilling and reskilling needs of large enterprise and governments.

Real Estate Development

Opportunities for strategic investments

Amidst the recent challenges, global real estate markets are presenting new opportunities for growth. Strong investments exist for agile, strategic, developers with a proven formula. Across the office, logistics, and hospitality sectors we are making these investments. Our projects benefit from a disciplined, strategic approach to select and develop tomorrow's spaces for work and leisure.

Financial Services

Increasing fintech demand

From apps that put banking and investing in your hand, to advanced Fintech solutions for business, the financial services industry is rapidly changing. In markets like Costa Rica consumers are looking for financial products and services aligned to their digital lifestyle. Monifai is working to bring the advantages of fintech to Costa Rica.

HR Technology

Global technology labor shortage

In light of the global shortage for technology talent, managing human capital has become the top priority for leading companies. Particularly amongst high-volume employers, like support organizations and service companies, leaders need new ways to accelerate and develop employees. Wize is a talent platform to assess, develop, and grow world-class teams.


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